Get Involved

Carry a bag, volunteer, or start a collection center to help support our cause. We genuinely appreciate any kind of help, so let's help these kids fulfill their dreams!

Presidential Volunteer Service Award

Dream Dresses is proud to be an approved certifying organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA). We are honored to help our volunteers earn recognition for their great contributions.

Carry a Bag

If you're traveling to India, please volunteer to carry a bag of donations. This is how we send these amazing clothes to India. Carry a Bag is COST FREE and EASY, so please consider.


Contact us and Dream Dresses will send you a packaged box of clothing donations ready for international handling.


Use the provided box as an extra carry on item. Dream Dresses will cover up to $100 of fees. Please consider donating to out GoFundMe to help!


After reaching India, one of our partner NGOs will pick up the donations from you. Dream Dresses will help coordinate this.

If you have any questions about Carry a Bag, please check out the FAQs below. For further questions, contact us at We will respond within 3-5 days.

Contact Us to Carry a Bag!


Long Term

Volunteers actively engage in running our organization through a variety of essential roles such as managing social media, maintaining partnerships, spearheading fundraising initiatives, and more. Our volunteer program at Dream Dresses offers remarkable flexibility. We are proud to have an exceptional team of volunteers (ages 10-18) located across 7 different states.

Contact us here to become a long term volunteer and we will schedule an online orientation.

Short Term

Short term volunteers assist with sorting and packing donations. High school students will be given service hours.

Contact us here to become a short term volunteer and we will schedule an online orientation.


Interning is a great option for high school students looking to give back to the community and gain experience in marketing, project management, and more. Interns can join our team and help out with various initiatives.

Contact us here to become an intern and we will schedule an online orientation.

Start a Collection Center

To broaden our impact and reach out to a wider audience of Indian families in the USA, we invite you to establish a collection center. We will provide you with all the necessary GUIDANCE and RESOURCES to ensure the success of the center.


If there are people in your neighborhood, area, or state who are interested in donating, you have the option to coordinate a convenient pickup or drop-off with them.


Once you have amassed a sufficient quantity of clothes, please inform us, and we will facilitate their shipment through Carry a Bag. As this is presently our primary means of transporting clothes, we will collaborate to identify a suitable carrier.


Feel free to reach out to us here for any inquiries or additional details. Moreover, we can also provide you pamphlets and informative posters to help spread the word.

Contact Us to Start a Collection Center!

Hear From Our Volunteers

Saanvi Manohar

Long Term Volunteer

“Dream dresses changed my life for the better. I learned so many new things like how to manage my time well and how to work successfully in a team. By joining Dream Dresses, I became so much closer to my community and my peers and I will forever be grateful that I could be a part of this organization!”

Anjika Arora

Carry a Bag

“Carrying a bag was a easy way for me to make a direct impact on my community. Dream Dresses made it convenient for me to pick up the clothes as well as donate them by cross referencing their affiliated nonprofits with my location, and ended up finding a location close to where I was staying. I additionally was able to receive service hours and meet with volunteers with the partner organization to understand their objectives, which was a valuable learning experience.”

Prisha Sharma


I really enjoyed meeting other people interested in the same causes as me, and the autonomy I had to look for different ways to tackle my responsibilities. It was fun to come up with ideas on my own and actually see them in action.

Daksh Gautam

Long Term Volunteer

As a volunteer, I really enjoyed helping out people in need of new clothes. I’ve met so many wonderful volunteers that all like to help people. I’m really glad I can help as much as I can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides donating, how can I help?

We have started a few initiatives to ensure these beautiful dresses are making it into the hands of needy children. If you’re traveling to India (or know anyone who is) and have extra luggage space, then you can volunteer to carry a bag of donations. We have volunteers in India who can collect the dresses from you. Let us know if you’re interested, and we can send you more details. You can also give a monetary donation at our GoFundMe to directly help us cover shopping costs. We truly appreciate your support for this cause.

How does “long term” volunteering work?

Core volunteers work with us to find ways on how to expand Dream Dresses. Volunteering is extremely flexible and a great way to give back to the community. To learn more, contact us and we will schedule a 10 minute online orientation with you.

Can I carry a bag if I’m traveling somewhere in India where Dream Dresses doesn’t have a partner NGO?

Yes, absolutely! If you're traveling to a different state in India, Dream Dresses will accommodate and partner with an NGO nearby who can pick up the donations from you.

Is Carry a Bag free?

Yes! Dream Dresses covers the cost of checking in an extra bag.

What is expected from my end while carrying a bag?

Carry a bag is a very low effort process. The only thing you have to do is check in the box, and take it with you on your flight to India. Everything else - packaging the box, paying, picking up the box from India, etc - is all covered by Dream Dresses